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Zhonganzhiyuan Security Group is established in Hongkong in 2007, which is a professional security scanner equipment manufacturer, specialized the development and research in the x-ray imagine tehnology, metal detection ...
Factory Tour
Main products include: 1. X-ray BaggageLuggage Scanner (Tunnel size, Small: 5030,5636,6040; Middle: 6550,8065; large:10080,100100,150180,180180 ) 2. Walk Through Metal Detector (Zones: single , 6/18, 8/24,33/45zones) 3. ...
Quality Control
Quality Control: With our comprehensive inspection methods, we strictly control every manufacturing part and actively approaches to international first class products, to guarantee our customer will only receive high ...
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Address : 10th of Huanguan South Road, Junlong Community, Guanlan Street, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China .
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86-755-23771779(Working time)
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